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ELCISS aims to enhance language and communication in secondary school children with primary language and communication impairment through narrative/storytelling and vocabulary enrichment.

Warren School

Warren Comprehensive School is a mixed, non-denominational School for around1370 students with modern buildings, facilities and specialist departments. The schools has a focus on inclusion welcoming students of all abilities.

Due to the school embracing new initiatives and forward forward thinking they are now applying for specialist status as a Maths and Computing College. A recent, 2006 Ofsted report commented that "A key feature of most classrooms is the good relationships between the teachers and the pupils, which leads to a good learning atmosphere."

Contact Details
Head Teacher: Francois van Rensburg
Address: Whalebone Lane North, Chadwell Heath, Romford, Essex, RM6 6SB
Telephone: 020 82704500
Email: office@warren-j.bardaglea.org.uk
Website: www.thewarrenschool.com