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ELCISS aims to enhance language and communication in secondary school children with primary language and communication impairment through narrative/storytelling and vocabulary enrichment.

Wanstead High School

Wanstead is a large multi-ethnic school with nearly 1500 students. They have been awarded an Artsmark Gold, an award which recognises the very high level of work that is continually produced in their arts departments.

Wanstead is a specialist college in the performing arts. There are a large number of Dance, Drama, and Music clubs taking place at lunchtime, during school and after school.

Contact Details
Headteacher: Mr C van Bussel
Address: Redbridge Lane West, Wanstead, London. E11 2JZ
Telephone: (020) 8989 2791
Email: admin.wansteadhigh@redbridge.gov.uk
Website: www.wansteadhigh.co.uk