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ELCISS aims to enhance language and communication in secondary school children with primary language and communication impairment through narrative/storytelling and vocabulary enrichment.

Sydney Russell Comprehensive School

There are 1592 pupils currently attending the school, 13.7% of which have Special Educational Needs. 49% achieved 5 or more GCSEs at A* to C and 100% achieved at least 1 GCSE.

Sydney Russell was awarded specialist media arts college status in 2006 by the Government. This gave them access to £850,000 in extra funds over the next 4 years, to boost achievement even further, as well as providing a Media Arts van, equipped with laptops and  digital video cameras to visit local schools and community groups.

Contact Details
Head Teacher: Mr R. Leighton
Address: Parsloes Avenue, Dagenham. RM9 5QT
Telephone: 020 8270 4333
Email: office@sydney-r.bardaglea.org.uk
Website: www.sydney-r.net