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ELCISS aims to enhance language and communication in secondary school children with primary language and communication impairment through narrative/storytelling and vocabulary enrichment.

Oaks Park High School

With 1200 students aged 11-18 Oaks park is at full capacity. The school is credited with providing excellent provision for their student’s moral development by Ofsted.

Being a new school Oaks Park has been able to benefit from the best that modern technology can offer. Specialist status in Music began in 2006 and the music team have been able to develop many new areas as a result of the increased funding and status.

Contact Details
Head Teacher: Mr. S.J. Wilks
Address: 45-65 Oaks Lane, Newbury Park, Ilford, Essex. IG27PQ
Telephone: 0208 590 2245
Email: admin@oakspark.redbridge.sch.uk
Website: www.oakspark.redbridge.sch.uk