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ELCISS aims to enhance language and communication in secondary school children with primary language and communication impairment through narrative/storytelling and vocabulary enrichment.

Barking Abbey School

There are currently around 1800 pupils attending the school. It operates on two sites, one for years 7 and 8 and one for years 9 to 13. The school is proud of its multi cultural population and encourages tolerance, respect and understanding.

This is a specialist sports and humanities college. Since 2000, the school has gained a series of awards including the Achievement Award for Excellence; Sportsmark Gold and the Technology Colleges Trust "Most Improved Schools" Award. The school has also received many grants, most recently en

Contact Details
Headteacher: Mr.M. Lloyd
Address: Sandringham Road, Barking Essex, IG11 9AG
Telephone: 020 82704100
Email: office@babbey.bardaglea.org.uk
Website: www.babbey.bardaglea.org.uk